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Acid Wash Denim High Waisted Skirt.
Color(s):Grey(Stone wash) and Black
Size: Free Size.
Length:47Cm(without Straps)86Cm(With Straps,Maximum),
Material:Soft Denim.
Status: Available for orders.
Remarks:Smoke back, if you feel the straps are to long you can always DIY a new hole! :) Oh,it's detachable! :)

Here's some creativity side of ours, we know that you girls out there love versatile clothing,We are now gonna share with you on how to turn it into a mini skirt! :

Steps to do it:
1. Fold in the button area, fold in just enough to cover the buttons.
2.Tie both straps into a long string.
3.Used the combined strap as a sash to keep the skirt in place.

Hope You enjoy it!

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